The plot of land that the complex will be situated on, is located between Ravda and Nessebar, front line to the beach. The project is designed to keep as many existing trees as possible and provides more to be planted.

The complex is divided into four parts, grouped two by two. In each group one of the parts is wooden and the other one is done from stone. The wooden ones are a natural continuation upwards of the wooden grill that is on the terrain, and follows its direction. The solid stones are placed on columns and beneath them there will be a café and a restaurant. The different combination of materials gives the building a light and airy look.

The aim of this controlled chaos – the forest of columns, the different look of the stairs and the openings on the facade – is designed to achieve a feeling of ultimate freedom.

There are mainly two types of apartments – studios and one-bedroom apartments, the apartments on the last floors are larger.

All the parts that are done from stone are covered with white blinds for sun protection, and the facades of the wooden part on certain places transfers from grill to horizontal visor.

The risk of overheating is avoided as well by the density – the walls with stone are 50 cm. thick, and the wooden ones – 45 cm., with ventilated edging. With these parameters, the ‘green’ roofs and preserved existing trees, the building will be considered as a low-energy consumption eco style development and compatible with the principals for stable development.